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Remedial Fixx: for the reliable waterproofing membrane removal service

There can be several reasons behind your requirement for membrane waterproofing removal service in Australia. Regardless of your specific motive, it's essential to understand that rooftop waterproofing removal is a substantial undertaking, and it's not something that can be accomplished through a single DIY session over a weekend. The process is intricate and time-consuming, and anyone involved should wear the appropriate safety gear and possess the necessary machinery for the job.

If you're contemplating the removal of waterproof membrane coatings, it typically involves stripping everything down and starting anew. This is often necessary because most roofs have additional finishing materials layered on top of the waterproofed surface.

There are two efficient methods for waterproof removal – mechanical and chemical. Mechanical removal involves abrasive actions and can be quite noisy without the right equipment. On the other hand, chemical waterproofing removal is potent, requiring the use of a mask and protective gear to avoid inhaling fumes. In cases where the waterproof membrane was applied with adhesive, a blowtorch may be necessary to melt the adhesive sufficiently for removal. Following this step, a thorough scraping or air blast from a compressor can eliminate any remaining residue.

While it might seem straightforward, removing waterproofing membranes can be a labor-intensive process, often necessitating the expertise of professionals for a flawless removal. At Remedial Fixx, we bring years of experience working with various membrane types and possess the latest technical knowledge to effectively remove any kind of waterproofing membrane.

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