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Let’s dive into the best tile Glue removal services

A variety of adhesives are employed to secure tiles in place for long-term durability. Since tiles are intended to remain in place for many years, the adhesives used in the installation process are designed to be highly resilient. However, when the time comes to replace the tiles, removing these adhesives from the floor surface can prove to be a challenging task. In certain situations, the original installer may have adhered tiles to a sheet of plywood and then attached that plywood to the concrete subfloor beneath.

This method enhances floor stability but significantly complicates the removal process. Stripping away all these layers to reveal the concrete surface can be a formidable task and often leaves traces of glue and remnants of plywood. Until every vestige of this old adhesive is eliminated, efforts to lay new tile, carpet, or wood flooring must be postponed, as the results may not meet the desired standard.

Remedial Fixx boasts a team of experienced professionals capable of efficiently performing floor glue removal, leaving your subfloors clean, even, and prepared for the installation of new flooring materials.

Our procedure begins by meticulously safeguarding your home's surfaces and contents. We employ protective plastic sheets and sturdy aluminum reinforcement ramps, taking every precaution to ensure that your home is adequately prepared for the removal work. Our machinery utilizes sharp, robust blades specifically designed to peel away various types of adhesive from the floor. If any remnants of adhesive persist on the concrete surface, our expert team uses hand tools to ensure thorough removal. Subsequently, we employ grinders to smooth out any residual imperfections, guaranteeing that every square inch of the floor is left in a pristine state.

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