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Structural Crack Injection: For better than ever before results

Over time, cracks inevitably appear on concrete surfaces, and their condition tends to worsen as time passes. Sooner or later, the need for repair becomes imperative. Various resins and joints are employed to address such concrete structural cracks. Having the knowledge of which resin to use, in what quantity, and the duration until the resin should remain undisturbed is crucial. Without this understanding, even when the best crack injections are used, the structural repair may not prove long-lasting.

With over 25 years of experience in the field of concrete structural repair in Australia, we have established ourselves as the top choice for Structural Crack Injection. Our contractors are highly skilled and professional in their work. They begin the process by meticulously cleaning the damaged surface, either through vacuuming or high-pressure water flushing to remove loose materials from the structure. After a thorough assessment of the foundation, suitable resins and joints are used to seal the surface cracks. Once the cracks are filled, the ports and surface seals are typically removed, often through surface grinding.

In cases where the concrete surface has deteriorated extensively, and crack injection is not feasible, all loose material is removed, and new concrete is applied with joints to prevent future damage and enhance its durability. Contact us to witness the difference in our work firsthand.

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