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For any kind of problem-related to rising damp, Remedial Fixx for the perfect revamp.

You may have observed moisture in the lower section of the wall, just above the skirting. This dampness typically occurs about 1-1.5 meters from the floor, and sometimes even higher. It might appear puzzling since there's no apparent water source near or behind the affected wall, yet the plaster deteriorates over time. This type of moisture issue is known as rising dampness.

The issue of rising dampness arises from either the absence of an effective damp-proof course (DPC) or a malfunctioning DPC. A DPC is a waterproof layer installed in the wall to shield it from groundwater. Ideally, it should be positioned approximately 6 inches above the ground level on both the external and internal walls. However, there are situations where the DPC is intact, but rising dampness problems still persist.

Various reasons could be contributing to this, such as objects attached to the wall allowing water to penetrate above the DPC level, the ground adjacent to the external wall being higher than the DPC level, or the presence of debris and discarded construction materials above the DPC level, enabling water to seep into the walls. It's also important to note that damp problems can be caused by factors other than rising damp, such as a broken pipe or leakage from a neighboring house.

There are various ways to treat rising damp problems depending on the severity of DPC failures.

  • Water repellent Chemicals – If DPC is severely damaged, water repellent chemicals are injected at the DPC level. A high-grade chemical is poured into the concrete to stop the movement of water.
  • Applying Waterproofing coating – This is one of the widely used treatments since it is economic, easy to apply, and also can protect the wall against water which is due to other sources.

With over 25 years of experience in the installation of damp proof courses, and having eradicated rising damp problems throughout Australia, you can trust Remedial Fixx to fix your damp problem permanently.

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