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Your waterproofing expert for all kind of structures

Remedial Fixx is one of the most preferred companies when it comes to providing excellent waterproofing solutions in Australia. With decades of experience and technological know-how, we have a professional team of waterproofers who will make sure that there is no future leaking or the chance for water to escape into partitions, floors, or roofs.

Waterproofing is a process of making the surface water-resistant. Various types of membranes and coatings of advanced water-repellent material are employed to give make your installation water-resistance.

Here are some of the reasons that may cause leaking problems-

  • Poor design & construction
  • Foundation movement and damage
  • Chemical and general deterioration
  • Environmental causes
  • Water Distillation among many other causes.


Remedial Fixx provides specialized solutions for all types of foundations, with a high-quality range of waterproofing systems using sophisticated technology to provide complete satisfaction to our clients.

We have worked with almost every sector including domestic, commercial, governmental, and provided waterproofing solutions for- the bathroom, shower, basement, balcony, planter box, flat roof, box gutter, swimming pool, retaining wall, and tunnels.

Remedial Fixx uses the latest products, equipment, and techniques to seal leaking cracks, joints, and porous sections in any installation you can think of. Depending on the project requirements and characteristics of the affected area, we offer different waterproofing solutions for different work. You can count on professional waterproofing experts for the best waterproofing services in Australia.

Reach us at ((02) 722 88 066 for the full waterproofing solution of your installation.

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