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Polyurea Coating- For the lifelong protection of your structures

Polyurea coating has been available in the Australian market since the 1980s, and its popularity continues to grow due to its remarkable durability, flexibility, and versatility. New applications for this coating are continually emerging. It finds utility across various industries, serving purposes such as waterproofing, corrosion protection, containment of water, chemicals, and toxic substances, as well as flooring and mechanical equipment protection, to name just a few. An outstanding feature of polyurea coating is its adaptability to different substrates, including concrete, metals, wood, plaster, plastics, and many more.

Polyurea coating is the result of a chemical reaction between an isocyanate and a resin blend, forming a compound that exhibits plastic- or rubber-like properties. It can be applied in ways similar to other technologies like polyurethane and epoxy, but it combines the most advantageous aspects of both these coatings. The range of applications for polyurea is extensive, encompassing diverse uses from protecting mining equipment and coating pipelines to playground fixtures, waterproof tank linings, asbestos encapsulation, and many more.

5 benefits of polyurea coating for your project :

Waterproof and corrosion protection: Polyurea coatings have moisture insensitivity/resistance. They have low permeability and are also resilient to water, providing corrosion protection. Therefore, they are also used as tank linings.

Minimum downtime: A curing time from 30 seconds to 2 minutes means there is an almost immediate return-to-service time, and downtime is many times less than with another paint.

Strength and flexibility: Polyurea has a high polymeric elongation meaning that it stretches as well as resists punctures and tears.

100% solids: With a 1:1 volume ratio, the need for extra coats is eliminated, and the lack of solvents means it also VOC free and environmentally friendly.

High resistance: A polyurea coating provides chemical, abrasion, and UV resistance, as well as being able to withstand extreme temperature changes.

If you have an existing floor that's damaged or deteriorating, an epoxy resin coating can offer protection for that substrate, effectively preserving or even extending the floor's lifespan. For top-quality polyurea coating services in Australia, contact us at ((02) 722 88 066.

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