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Remedial Fixx: The leak detection and reporting specialist

Dealing with leaks can indeed be a source of immense stress for homeowners. From the challenging task of pinpointing the leak to halting the water's progress, the entire experience can feel like a homeowner's worst nightmare. It is paramount to not only locate the precise location of the leak but also identify its root cause. While plumbing issues are a common culprit, there are various other factors that can lead to the appearance of water. With our specialized equipment and expertise, we have the capability to uncover the origins of these sometimes elusive "mystery" leaks.

At Remedial Fixx, we empathize with our clients who are understandably anxious to resolve these issues swiftly and with dependable service. We are proud to stand behind our services with over 40 years of experience. As the original leak detection specialists in Australia, we possess the technology needed to accurately identify leaks and the training to understand their underlying causes. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Remedial Fixx Leak

  • No-find No-fee domestic leak detection
  • Non-destructive leak detection
  • Help with insurance claims
  • Keep costs at a minimum
  • Stop high water bills
  • Provide photographic reports and recommendations
  • We can work with you existing plumber
  • Help with water damage repair

At Remedial Fixx, we fully understand the stress and urgency our clients experience when dealing with leaks, and we are committed to providing fast and reliable services. With a legacy of over 40 years in the industry, as the pioneers of leak detection specialists in Australia, we have the cutting-edge technology required for precise leak identification and the expertise to unravel the root causes. Here are some key benefits of selecting Remedial Fixx Leak Detection:

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