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Remedial Fixx: For the perfect Industrial coating systems in Australia

Remedial Fixx Industrial Services Australia offers an extensive array of services related to surface preparation, industrial blasting, and painting techniques. We boast a team of skilled experts who specialize in surface preparation, employing both manual and mechanical techniques, which encompass ultra high-pressure water jetting and grit blasting. Our primary emphasis remains on applying protective coating systems that deliver outstanding corrosion control while offering the best value, all while minimizing risks to both workers and the environment.

Surface Preparation

Methods of surface preparation include:

  • Hand preparation
  • Power tool preparation
  • Hydro-blasting (UP/UHP)
  • Abrasive blast cleaning (dry and wet)

Coating Application

Specialist coating solutions include:

  • Multi-component system applications
  • Conventional, airless, air-assisted airless, HVLP and plural pump spray applications
  • Thermally sprayed aluminum coatings
  • Screed & self-leveling deck area screeds
  • Tank & vessel linings
  • Non-skid deck & Heli-deck coatings
  • Heli-deck tile applications

Coating Inspection

Coating Inspection services include:

  • Surveys and evaluation
  • Specification development
  • Material selection
  • Specification review
  • Technical support
  • Clock Spring Composite wraps and repair systems

Remedial Fixx offers reliable Industrial coating systems to both residential as well as commercial property owners. Reach us at ((02) 722 88 066 for the best industrial coating services in Australia.

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