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Remedial Fixx has got you covered for all kind of Floor leveling service

Floor leveling is the process of using liquid cement-based materials that harden to create a smooth and even surface, effectively eliminating imperfections in your floors. This results in a level base for various floor coverings. Floor leveling typically includes surface preparation, which may involve using tools like concrete grinders, shot blasters, sandblasters, or other concrete preparation methods.

Underlayment is applied on top of existing subfloors to facilitate the installation of floor coverings such as vinyl, wood, ceramic tile, and carpets. Remedial Fixx is a preferred installer of Mapei products for floor leveling.

Floor toppings or micro-toppings are products similar to underlayment and can also serve as decorative floor finishes. Mapei Ultratop is frequently used in settings like retail stores, warehouses, and institutional facilities.

Floor leveling is advisable when you need to install underfloor heating, add an extra layer of insulation, or simply require a smooth surface for the final flooring layer.

Various types of properties can benefit from the services of a professional and dependable floor leveling provider in Australia, including:

Residential properties, encompassing flats, apartments of various sizes, studios, penthouses, city houses, villas, seasonal residences, and more.

Commercial properties, such as offices, office buildings, medical and healthcare facilities, educational institutions, shops, shopping centers, public and institutional buildings, hotels, and hostels.

Our team consists entirely of certified professionals equipped with cutting-edge machinery. We are committed to delivering a high-quality service that ensures durability and compliance with the industry's highest standards.

For additional information about our floor leveling services in Australia, please contact us at ((02) 722 88 066.

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