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Remedial Fixx: for hassle-free epoxy paint removal services

Epoxy-coated floors may give you the impression that you're stuck with a particular look for your home or that personalizing the main areas of your business is impossible. However, there's a solution. With the assistance of a proficient flooring removal team, it's entirely feasible to remove epoxy floors and replace them with a more suitable option for your needs.

Remedial Fixx's method for removing epoxy paint isn't just safer and more efficient than using chemicals; it's also environmentally friendly, benefiting the air quality in your home. After taking all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your home, our skilled crews commence the epoxy flooring removal process. Specialized removal machines are utilized to eliminate the epoxy from a significant portion of the floor's surface. Employing specially designed sharp blades, we can swiftly eliminate most of the coating from the concrete underfloor. Our state-of-the-art machines effectively remove the majority of the epoxy coating, leaving only a small residue, which is addressed using hand tools.

Our proficient team utilizes specialized hand tools to tackle any remaining areas. These tools enable precise work in corners and other challenging-to-reach sections of the floor, ensuring that every trace of epoxy is removed. Following the removal process, we employ grinders to eliminate any remaining residues from the surface, leaving it smooth and ready for the installation of new flooring. Throughout the entire process, our dust containment units capture any dust produced before it can disperse, and our pulse vacuums maintain a clean work area by promptly collecting larger debris.

Our safe industrial flooring removal process can be applied to damaged concrete floors without exacerbating existing issues. If you have damaged floors in need of repair, our concrete restoration experts are available to address those concerns.

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