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Remedial Fixx: For the fast, quality, and affordable Epoxy Flake Flooring

Epoxy Flake Flooring functions much like traditional epoxy flooring, with the key difference being that, during the second epoxy coat application, we broadcast flake on top of the coating. This is followed by two coats of anti-graffiti Polyurethane clear coat to enhance durability and functionality. Flake flooring offers a more decorative finish and is available in an extensive array of colors.

Flake Flooring encompasses all the advantages of epoxy flooring, such as ease of maintenance, stain resistance, durability, and an appealing appearance, providing a seamless finish. It is robust and long-lasting, making it particularly suitable for high-traffic areas, whether light or heavy traffic.

Epoxy Flake Flooring is a versatile solution suitable for various settings. Besides its popularity in garages, it is commonly employed in wet areas like bathrooms and toilets due to its slip-resistant properties. It's also favored in educational institutions, where the floor can be matched with school colors. Additionally, it's an excellent choice for commercial applications, as it can withstand high foot traffic and is resistant to chemicals.

The experts at Remedial Fixx have successfully installed epoxy flake floors in homes, buildings, and businesses throughout Australia. We have achieved outstanding results with epoxy flake flooring in various settings, including:

  • • Warehouses
  • • Car Parks
  • • Garages
  • • Laboratories
  • • Shopping Centres
  • • Sports Facilities
  • • Universities
  • • Airports
  • • Restaurants and cafes
  • • Hotels
  • • Supermarkets
  • • Commercial kitchen floors
  • • And Much More

We keep the costs to a minimum while offering high-quality Epoxy Flake Flooring in Australia. Reach us now at ((02) 722 88 066 for your free estimate!

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