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For the concrete solution to your concrete problems

With decades of experience in resurfacing and concrete services throughout Australia, we provide reliable and affordable concrete repair services. Our concrete resurfacing creates a durable and decorative finish in commercial as well as domestic sectors. With excellent, cost-effective and elegant ways to treat damaged, cracked or dull concrete surfaces, we transform your surface for amazing results.

Our professionals hold years of experience and are equipped with modern day technology to provide best results for all your concrete problems related to any kind of commercial or residential projects. You can count on us for any type of concrete surfacing job including

  • External concrete finishes
  • Internal concrete finishes
  • Grind and seal polished concrete
  • Warehouses concrete finishes
  • Factories concrete finishes
  • Showrooms concrete finishes
  • Car park concrete finishes
  • Restaurants & cafes and bars

Method we use while repairing small cracks

  • - Chisel out the crack to create a deep cut, using our tools
  • - Clean loose materials and do portable drilling
  • - Applying Thin layer of adhesive coating in the affected area
  • - Then use resins as deemed fit for the crack
  • - Leave the resin to dry out
  • - Feather the repair with a trowel to even out the surface.

Method we use for wide crack repairing

Process is almost the same with slight variance. We chisel out the crack and remove loose material. Since the crack is a little big, we will pour some fillers into the crack within the surface. After the fillers get dried up, we use a trowel to even out the repaired area.

Whether you are a homeowner, commercial property owner, builder or an architect, Remedial Fixx is a resurfacing and concrete company you can trust. There is simply no better way to have your concrete laid or resurfaced. We have a team of skilled professionals who can provide you the most dependable and highest quality services using advanced and proven technologies.

Whenever you have problems regarding your concretes, you can reach Remedial Fixx for the best concrete repair services in Australia.

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