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Give your concrete the durability it needs

A water stop is a specialized material that is integrated into concrete structures to serve as a barrier, preventing the infiltration of water through joints. These water stops are essential components of waterproofing systems applied to a wide range of concrete structures, including tunnels, wastewater treatment plants, reservoirs, marine constructions, and many others.

When selecting a water stop that is appropriate for the joint-sealing needs of a particular project, it's crucial to understand which type of water stop will best suit your structure. Remedial Fixx offers various types of water stops to cater to different requirements. Some of these include PVC water stops, Bentonite water stops, Urethane water stops, and Metallic water stops, each chosen based on the specific demands of the project.

Common Applications where Remedial Fixx uses Waterstops include:

  • - Concrete Foundations joints
  • - Concrete Floors and walls joints
  • - Precast Concrete Slabs
  • - Sewage treatment and wastewater plants
  • - Underground installations
  • - Tunnel Water lining
  • - Hoses and piping connections
  • - Water tanks and reservoirs

Safeguarding your structures against water and condensation damage is paramount, and one of the most effective methods is to enlist joint water stop services from Remedial Fixx. Ensuring that your structure is well-waterproofed will substantially prolong its lifespan with minimal maintenance requirements. With our wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience, we are fully equipped to deliver exceptional services at budget-friendly rates for all your concrete joint water stop needs in Australia.

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