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The concrete injection plan for your installations

Remedial Fixx offers a range of services to repair and reinforce the damaged concrete structures to bring life your important investments. Using epoxy and polyurethane injections among other methods, we provide you a product that creates a system so secure, so safe, and so economical that would give your property- a strength; better than ever before.

Why you need Remedila Fixx for your concrete repairs?

With time, your concrete surfaces may lose their shine and develop cracks due to many reasons. The damage can occur due to heat, physical and chemical changes, erosion by fast-flowing water, freezing of trapped water, radiant heat, and spalling. And if not treated, they can widen and allow moisture to seep through, causing further corrosion, and affecting the structure. The cracks in your concrete surfaces may appear ugly and can even reduce the value of your property.

For this, our professionals are on their toes to give unparalleled services to help you overcome any hurdle across any sector. They are well-equipped to face all kinds of challenges and issues thus fix the problem right the first time.

Remedial Fixx Services provide a full Range of concrete repair solutions:

  • Concrete Cancer/Spalling Repairs
  • Concrete Crack Injection
  • Concrete/Masonry Facade Restoration
  • Concrete Expansion Joint Repairs
  • Concrete Resurfacing & Coating
  • Concrete Road & Bridge Construction Works
  • Commercial Slab Jacking/Underpinning
  • Waterproofing of ALL Concrete Structures

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