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Remedial Fixx: For the ultimate treatment of your concrete cancer

Over time, you may gradually observe indications that your building or another structure is beginning to display the effects of aging and usage. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as "concrete cancer," a term used to describe the corrosion of steel reinforcements encased within a concrete slab.

As the steel reinforcement undergoes rusting, it undergoes expansion, resulting in the displacement of the surrounding concrete. Consequently, the affected concrete becomes brittle and initiates a process of cracking, thereby expediting the overall deterioration. It's essential to be vigilant for telltale signs, such as concrete spalling (the presence of cracks and similar issues), the appearance of rust stains seemingly emanating from the interior of the concrete, the formation of bubbles in the concrete render, or the emergence of leaks in overhead concrete areas.

There could be various reasons for your concrete cancer. Typically, our engineers follow the following process

  • Determine what is causing concrete cancer.
  • Evaluate how severe concrete cancer and/or spalling is.
  • Develop a process to repair and/or rebuild the concrete structure.
  • An engineer may seek quotes or tender submissions from capable remedial contractors.
  • The spalling concrete around the reinforcing bar is removed.
  • A rust inhibitor is applied to the reinforcing steel.
  • An epoxy, mortar epoxy, and/or cementitious material is used to patch the area.
  • Cracks are repaired using a technique called ‘crack injection’ where suitable epoxy resins or special mortars are injected.
  • Treatment of concrete cancer may include waterproofing.
  • The area should be re-painted/re-coated.

When it comes to concrete cancer, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The best repair option depends on your building materials and the extent of the damage. Regardless of whether the damage is severe or moderate, waterproofing and comprehensive sealing after the repair are important to minimize the risk of concrete cancer in the building.

For the past 25 years, Remedial Fixx has been at the forefront when it came to providing quality Cancer and Spalling repair services in Australia. Call us on ((02) 722 88 066 to speak to one of our concrete repair experts to discuss your needs. We will listen to your problems with patience and then provide you with a quick effective solution.

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