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Concrete and Floor Polishing Service: for the ultimate protection of your structure

When it is time to rejuvenate your existing concrete floor, Remedila Fixx’s concrete floor coating and polishing services will restore them with an aesthetically appealing finish that provides long-lasting, low maintenance durability. Family owned and operated, we bring decades of experience and personalized attention to each project.

Concrete polishing not only provides an attractive finish, but it also hardens and strengthens floors to make them resistant to all types of stress and abuse. Polished concrete dramatically lowers maintenance costs. We utilize heavy-duty polishing machines equipped with progressively finer diamond-impregnated disks to first remove all surface imperfections, then smooth and polish to the desired degree of shine. As part of the process, we also apply a hardener that penetrates the concrete, eliminating the need for top coating.

Epoxy and urethane coatings are other great options for sealing, waterproofing, restoring, and resurfacing concrete flooring, to provide resistance to water, chemicals, UV, and other potentially damaging substances. Offered in a wide range of color options to provide a decorative appeal, our experts will help you choose the best products to meet the performance requirements of your specific application.

Why do you need to polish your concrete and floors?

  • To maintain its aesthetic value
  • For durability
  • For increasing its economic value
  • For safety
  • Easy to clean and Low maintenance requirement

Whether you choose a polish or coating option, thorough surface preparation is essential to achieving the highest quality results. We repair cracks, vacuum, sweep, and shot blast all surfaces to ensure they are free of dirt and imperfections and have a properly textured surface for maximum adhesion.

Our concrete coating and polishing services produce floors and concrete structures that stand up to the most demanding conditions. Contact us at ((02) 722 88 066 to discuss your concrete and floor polishing requirements.

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