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Chemical Injection Solutions

Remedial Fixx employs chemical injection technology for soil and groundwater remediation, effectively reducing contaminant concentrations. This advanced oxidation and reduction technique, along with environmental remediation methods, introduces reactive chemicals to transform harmful contaminants within the subsurface into less harmful substances or eliminate them altogether.

Remedial Fixx Chemical Oxidation entails the direct injection of potent chemical oxidizers into the contaminated medium, whether it's soil or groundwater, with common oxidants including permanganate, persulfate, hydrogen peroxide, and ozone. At times, catalysts are added to expedite the chemical reactions. This method is effective in remediating a wide range of organic compounds, even those resistant to natural degradation.

We offer a variety of injection systems tailored to diverse applications and can customize each system to meet project-specific needs. With over 25 years of experience, we have been providing Chemical Injection Utilities across Australia.

Our in-house services encompass rapid response and customer-oriented solutions, including Pneumatic and Electric services. These services cover the design, engineering, fabrication, testing, commissioning, and maintenance of Chemical Injection Packages for clients throughout Australia.

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