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Anti-Slip/Non-slip Flooring services for a safer and cleaner floor

The new revolution in Non-Slip Flooring & Cleaning is here. At Non-Slip Floor Solutions, our primary objective is the SAFETY of the general public.

We are fully committed to making your floors SAFER and CLEANER for your staff and guests, providing comprehensive non-slip coating solutions.

We take the lead in offering high-quality epoxy, industrial floor, and protective coatings and sealers. Our range of cleaning and sealing solutions is extensive, and we are dedicated to maintaining product quality and ensuring maximum client satisfaction. Our team employs modern techniques and technology for non-slip floor treatment and coatings. Consider having your floors treated with a non-slip tile treatment to prevent accidents in areas like bathrooms, pools, or wet areas.

Our team of experts can recommend the best epoxy floor cleaner for efficient floor maintenance. We carefully select cleaning chemicals at Non-Slip Floor Solutions after extensive case studies. Non-slip treatments offer significant benefits, enhancing safety in bathrooms, pools, and wet areas, thus adding more value to your home or workplace. If you're hesitant to replace your existing floor tiles, you can opt for a non-slip floor treatment, which will increase the wet slip traction to meet Australian standards of slip resistance on your current floors. We don't just provide a variety of non-slip flooring solutions such as treatments, sealers, and industrial coatings; we also supply various protective coatings for different surfaces. Our selection of cleaning and sealing coatings is extensive and impressive.

We cater to various industries, including residential, strata, hospitals, cafeterias, restaurants, food processing, retail stores, hotels, common areas, pools, wet areas, workshops, mechanical garages, car parks, conference centers, marine, surf and rescue facilities, and many more.

Qualities that make us the most preferred non-slip flooring & protective coating solution provider for our:

  • Extensive knowledge of the industry
  • Constant endeavor to introduce new and advanced products
  • Commitment to the best quality
  • Affordable pricing
  • Expertise in this field
  • Customer-centric approach

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